To get on the waitlist fill out our Pet Only or Breeder application, once submitted we will get back to you in 5-7 days if you have been approved or denied. If approved, you are now one step closer to getting your dream puppy. Our waitlist fee is non-refundable because there’s a lot of time & effort that goes into raising and finding our puppies their forever home. Good Dog has a great article that goes more in details into why we have a non-refundable deposit.


Yes! We will consider breeding rights to the right program.

Yes! If you wish to keep your puppies tail on FULL payment of the puppy is due within 2 days after birth. The reason the payment is due 2 days after birth is because tails need to be docked within a certain time frame (2-5 days).

If you are just lookIng for your forever friend and have no intentions of breeding then the PET ONLY application is the right one for you.

Depends on how long our waitlist is! We will send emails every month or so to check where you stand on the waitlist. But we do keep our waitlist down to manageable number. So on average it’s anywhere from 4-6 months.

All of our breeding corgis are tested thru Embark and will conduct OFA testing once they are at 2 years of age. We love using Embark testing because it helps us determine if our corgis have any genetic traits or conditions that could cause health issues in the future. They test for over 160 genetic conditions that affect dogs. The main ones we typically look for in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are DM, VWD1,EIC and PRA. We currently do not test our puppies individually but we make sure our corgis are the perfect match prior to being bred.

We do NOT offer financing at the moment but there are 3rd party options available. Feel free to check out the financing page for more details.

A guardian home program is in the works. We will notify you when it becomes available.

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration…… A dog registered with limited AKC is not able to participate in a breed competition.

Yes! Please email us at dolcevitacorgis@gmail.com to get more information.

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