Dolce Vita Corgis LLC, serving both Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada along with their surrounding areas, offers a caring and personal touch in breeding corgis. Specializing in Fluffy and Standard Coat Corgis, our approach balances professional breeding with a deep commitment to each puppies well-being. Focused on health and quality, we prioritize corgi genetics and provide thorough puppy care education. Our services extend beyond breeding, offering guidance on corgi parenting and tailored nutrition advice. If you’re within the United States or nearby, Dolce Vita Corgis LLC is your dedicated source for Fluffy and Standard Coat Corgis, where each puppy’s health and happiness is our central concern.

About Us!

Hi. We’re Aimee & Samuel we travel back and forth from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue our passions. One of them being our love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. We have some big and exciting plans for our breeding program and can’t wait for you to be part of it!

Each one of puppies are spoiled daily! We try to take them everywhere we can from running our daily errands, Starbucks, our local farmers markets, or even our office. Why? We want all of our corgis to have a very social and happy life. Plus we love putting smiles on peoples faces when they see our corgis!

That being said here at Dolce Vita Corgis we want our corgis to be social and happy, we also want our puppies to be as healthy as possible. Therefore all of our corgis are DNA and health tested through Embark! We want to be able to provide the best of the best when looking for your forever friend. Thank you for taking your time in looking over our website and we would love for you to consider Dolce Vita Corgis for your next puppy.

Aimee & Samuel


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